Kamis, 19 April 2012

Blogger's Block and Crafty Themed Gathering

Let me admit one of my biggest flaws: I am a big procrastinator. I often delay my tasks to the last minute just because I'm in the mood of doing other (less important) things. And this situation lead to other flaw; laziness.

Maybe this is the main cause of my blogger's block. I only check this blog to see the updates of my favorite blogs. I didn't even check new comments (2 comments to be precise, from 2 kind friends who have been soo nice visiting my blog and leaving their tracks). I know I need to get rid of these bad habits, I'm working on it.

Meanwhile, almost 2 weeks ago, my friend Tata and I were sponsoring the first Indonesian Crafter Gathering in Malang. I was challenged to make a nice party and decided that since it is crafters' gathering, we have to make things as crafty as possible. I was in charge of the decor and snacks, while Tata took care of the venue and lunch menu plans.

Here are some of my work results.

The Snack Table
(Tata made her famous cheese stick for the light snacks inside the orange cans)

 "Buttons" Cupcakes
it is quite easy to make the buttons, but you can check the tutorial here.

Sausage and Noodle "Thread Spools"

Tissue paper pompoms to brighten up the decor, here is the tutorial.

Here is how the entire venue looks in before the gathering started.
And yes, I made the goodie bags too :D

It was nice, it was fun.. and the crafts swap was very exciting.
I made this darling as inspired by this Sewing Kit in a Jar pic.
Unfortunately, since i can't find  a mason jar which has detachable lid, I have to use regular jar with a little bit improvisation for the pincushion lid.

The bad news is, since I was in a kind of hurry when making this emergency sewing kit, I didn't take any picture for the entire process. I will make another one and post the tutorial if you're interested :)

2 komentar:

  1. Haii mbak aku suka sama dekorasi gatheringnya semoga gathering berikutnya bisa ikutan gabung :)

  2. makasih mba :D
    gathering bulan depan hosted by Flying Elephant, kita mw ada workshop bikin clay craft rencananya.. Pasti seru :D


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