Sabtu, 28 April 2012

Crafty Man of My Dream

My husband is not crafty at all. Even as mechanical engineer, he rarely uses his skill to create mechanical things. This fact makes me have a secret mission to bring out the “crafty men” inside of him.

Unfortunately, since craftiness is often associated with women hobbies, my efforts don’t have too much result for now. He often messed up with my mass projects just because he thought he can make it in an express way. He simply doesn’t have the motivation or interest to create things with his bare hands. I don’t know why, this makes me get even more challenged to find “Manly Crafty Projects” for him.

This is how I came into this supermegafoxyawesomehot blog,
Chris Gardner, the man behind this blog is a brilliant writer and maker who believes that sewing machines and tablesaws alike belong in the workshop. How awesome is that?

The blog contains valuable information, tips and tricks, DIY projects, and many other interesting things.

I even use this article to make some assessments before I buy my first sewing machine

He posted useful and often fascinating tutorials such as this bizzare knitting project

up to boyish projects like this magnetic silly putty and seed bomb.

He also shows how to create various interesting home decors projects such as this Wooden Nintendo Controller Coffee Table which can actually works, and also this rad Tree Branch Coat Rack.

And when you think that’s enough to make you fall in love to his manly craftiness, check out this romantic custom art tutorial he made.

He’s literally the crafty man of my dream. Now let me find a way to make my husband get attracted to his projects so his long hibernated craftiness can be awakened all at once. 

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  1. Hmmm .... hmmm .... what a dee.lite.ful idea! (sambil ngelirik suami yang mulai salah tingkah dilirikin bininya) ... :3


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