Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

Starting Up a New Journey

It is amazing the amount of changes I have and still experiencing in these 3 Months.

First of all, I bought a Janome sewing machine last February. I never touched it since I have zero idea about using a sewing machine. I always hand-stiched my previous craft projects before, so when I have the chance to use a sewing machine, I feel like a caveman seeing a TV for the first time. "What kind of sorcery it is??"

Then suddenly, my bestfriend, Tata, a very talented crafter, if I may add; purchased her own Janome sewing machine too. I was like very overwhelmed with the chance of learning along with her. And we really did.

She encourages me to make my first tote bag, and here it is the first craftwork I made with my new sewing machine.

If you see the "La Conchita" watermark there.. well it's our collaborated brand. La Conchita is a craftstore project which created in the middle of February this year. We had a rough start, but we start to get a grip and stronger step now with our new found interest on cute bags.

I even made my first dress for the second IC gathering as you can see at the picture above. If you think I sound too smug, that's because I really proud of my self right now hehehehe..

I wish i wasn't afraid to start learning, and I thank God for sending Tata right on time before my sewing machine rot in its box untouched. Now up to the next project, a private sewing corner in my house. What do you think? Does it sounds too ambitious? XD

2 komentar:

  1. slamat ya, mbak eka,, nice tote bag lho, dress-nya juga, b^^
    asli, mbak,, beberapa hari terakhir, aku pengen banget nyoba pake mesin jahit,, tapi masi banyak yg perlu dirapiin huhuhu,, malah curhat,,

  2. dicoba aja kalo waktunya udah memungkinkan mba.. ga bakalan nyesel pasti :D
    malah nyesel kalo ga mulai2 dari dulu2 (pengalaman pribadi) :p


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