Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

DIY Wire Christmas Trees / Buat Sendiri Pohon Natal dari Kawat

I'm not celebrating Christmas, but December 25th is happen to be my birth day..

This is why; all things related to Christmas often brings warm feeling to me and Christmas tree is one of my favorite elements often found during my birth month. 

Here are some DIY Christmas Trees that I would love to try out whenever I have a reason to make one. I was thinking about creating number 1 for one of my friend, but then I remember that she is not talking to me right now *sigh* #mendadak galau

So just check out these eye candies and found the tutorial below each picture.

1. Laced Wire Christmas Tree 

Renate from DreamHomeDecorating.Com made a creative guest post in one of my favorite blogs, Ucreate. Find the tutorial here.

2. Primitive Christmas Tree
Susan from Homeroad made this Primitive Christmas Tree (as she preferred to call this beautiful wire Christmas tree) complete with the tutorial here.

3. Wired Garland Christmas Tree
Kailyn from Kailyn's Bit Of Sunshine (her blog full of interesting artworks by the way) was featured in Briton Loves It and made this whimsical Christmas tree tutorial here (with Roof Flashing Luminary tutorial bonus!).

4. Aluminum Wire Christmas Tree
Party Ideas by Mardi Gras Outlet shared their great DIY Christmas Tree tutorial here.

I especially picked those wire Christmas trees tutorials because they are simple and considerably cheaper than the other Christmas trees ideas. Of course there are many other better ideas can be found out there so don't be hesitated to share them at the comment section.
Happy holiday everyone!

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  1. this is an early bday greeting, wishing you a merry bday tomorrow! :)


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