Jumat, 18 November 2011

My Childhood Friend and Me

my childhood best friend is getting married today..

She is a girl I met when I was twelve years old, first day at school.

We hated our school just like the school hated us, so we tried to seek for hideaway through each other..

We spent most of our free time at the school's rice field, and spent more at my backyard.

Walking tirelessly tracing the alley in my village, along the riverbanks, sometimes bringing my monkey pet..

We talked about life and love, laughed at silly jokes, shared our secrets, and crushes..

We're so different but yet so alike in many ways..

She taught me how to style my hair, how to slap my cheek and bite my lips, natural makeup before we're allowed to use lipstick and blush on..

She was there in almost every part of my teenage life.. Even when we first watched porn..

And now she is my son's most favorite Mama Pipi..

Dear Fifi,

I know we are no longer the same twelve years old girls like 14 years ago

But I hope you will know that deep inside, I will always remember that we were two little girls against the school world.

And now as you have someone who will keep you for the rest of his life, I want you to know that I will always stand by you anytime you need me, and promise, that nothing will ever change..

2 komentar:

  1. Hai mbak Mandanya Rafa hehehehe
    seneng bisa baca blog ini :))
    Seneng banget bisa punya cerita yang sama tentang sahabat kita. sempat terharu & tertawa waktu baca "... Even when we first watched porn" hahahaha sama banget !

    She's going to aussie next month & last week she ask me to searching for lingerie.. :')

    Meskipun dia ga bisa datang ke acara pernikahan saya tengah tahun ini, saya sudah sangat senang sempat menjadi bridesmaid -nya...

    Makasih udah mampir ke blog-ku :*

  2. gyahahaha...

    bagian yang itu memang paling mengharukan hahahaha...

    gud luck with your upcoming wedding yah...
    semoga lancar smua :)


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